Scope Development and Budgetary Assistance

Once a decision has been made that a relocation is inevitable for the future success of the business or organisation, it can be a daunting task moving to the phase that requires the plan for the relocation to be drafted and agreed prior to commencement.

This is where the experienced project professionals at aport can work as part of your team to construct the initial scope of any relocation, taking into account the many internal and external factors that contribute to the success of the relocation programme.

The aport project team will spend time with your senior management executives understanding the reasons for the relocation, required timings and what will be considered a successful completion of the requirements. 

They will also spend time assessing and surveying your laboratory operations to ascertain:

  • Operational disciplines and functions
  • Asset type and volumes
  • OEM service/warranty agreements and PM
  • Inventory
  • Engineering requirements
  • Operational needs including inter-dependencies
  • Qualification/certification
  • Regulatory adherence
  • Risk

This information will provide aport with the basis for putting forward recommendations on scope related directly to the physical relocation of the laboratory, but will include all pre and post relocation requirements of the business.  aport will complement the scope with budgetary proposals taking into consideration external resources that will deliver the many specialist services as part of the overall relocation.

aport then has the physical capability of being able to deploy its substantial resources to offer full turnkey operational support throughout this period to successful project close.  The scope and budgetary proposals can also be used in larger scale relocations to form the basis of tender documents enabling you as the customer to confidently take your critical business needs to the market but with a benchmark on quality, service provision and price already provided.

aport is much more than just a specialist in laboratory relocation.  Our consultative approach and the ability of customers to pick and choose options from across our menu of services will add value from the outset of our conversations.