Third Party Laboratory Audits

Independent audit of your laboratory post-relocation, for the peace of mind of you and your clients.

aport can provide professional and reliable third party laboratory audits following any relocation.

This independent laboratory audit is particularly useful for contract research organisations (CROs), in order to provide evidence that regulations are being followed and demonstrate that outsourced research is being correctly managed.

During any period of laboratory relocation, there is potential for important research to be disrupted. A third party laboratory audit can reassure clients that the integrity of research has maintained at all times.

aport is also able to offer comprehensive reviews of your organisation’s new facilities as well as its operating procedures. Our robust laboratory reviews can include scientific, technical and operational standard audits and meet Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.

Our professional team can also carry out independent reviews of your laboratory relocation plan and its implementation, to ensure all potential issues are identified and rectified before the move begins.

aport’s detailed reviews and audits allow CROs to save time and resources, while giving their clients all the information they need to be reassured that their invaluable research is in safe and professional hands.

Please contact aport today for more details on our independent laboratory audits and to discuss your individual requirements.