Dangerous goods

Carefully managed relocation of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals by trained professionals.

As an expert in laboratory relocations, aport offers complete solutions for the safe transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals.

Our staff are given extensive training in handling a wide variety of substances, including those classified from class 2 to class 9.  We carefully manage local, national and international dangerous goods relocations, using whichever transportation and packaging is most suitable for our clients’ specific requirements.

We carefully plan every element of a move which involves dangerous goods to ensure the safety of everyone at all stages and we put strict procedures in place to deal with any issues which might arise in an efficient and timely manner.

aport employs full time Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSAs).  During any relocation involving chemicals or hazardous substances, aport will ensure a DGSA is present to check all regulations are adhered to.

When your business or organisation employs aport to handle a relocation, we provide a unique solution which accommodates all your needs. Our team will carry out an initial assessment of your dangerous goods and chemicals, along with the volumes, before supplying appropriate, fully regulated packaging.  aport crews will pack and label every item to ensure everything is handled in line with the appropriate regulations.

We can transport dangerous goods to any global destination, creating and managing all the necessary paperwork for the journey and taking liability for the whole relocation. This minimises the potential for customs delays and reduces the risks to your business.

Contact aport to discuss your individual requirements for relocation of dangerous goods.