Autosampler relocation

The process of fully de-commissioning, moving and re-commissioning an autosampler can take approximately two days to complete, depending on how far the instrument needs to be moved.

Like many sensitive laboratory instruments and lab instrumentation, before moving an autosampler it is always critical to check with the original equipment manufacturer’s or vendor’s warranty to make sure you do not invalidate this.

Aport has significant experience in moving laboratory equipment and instrumentation, and can liaise with vendors and original equipment manufacturers prior to any decommissioning and recommissioning work. This ensures our work is carried out in line with their agreed protocols and standards.

Once we have liaised with the vendor or original equipment manufacturer, our specially-trained engineer would decommission the instrument. All solvents are removed, and cabling is kept in place. 

The autosampler is placed in anti-static bubble and shrink wrap, with some sponge profiles placed around it, before being placed into a bespoke crate built specifically to the instructions of the vendor or original equipment manufacturer.

Shock and tilt monitors can be placed on the crate, if required by the customer or as part of the warranty. 

If the autosampler is only being moved within the customer’s building, there is no need to place the instrument in a bespoke crate.

Aport’s global laboratory relocation service can help you move your laboratory instruments and equipment, wherever you are and wherever you need to move to. For more information and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us