Gas chromatograph relocation

A Gas Chromatograph – known as a ‘GC’ – usually takes around one full day to be fully de-commissioned, moved and recommissioned, unless it is located in a regulated environment.

Like a lot of laboratory equipment and lab instrumentation, when preparing to move a Gas Chromatograph / GC it is critical to liaise with the original equipment manufacturer or vendor to ensure you do not invalidate its warranty.

Thankfully, at Aport has significant experience of moving Gas Chromatographs for some of our major clients including Agilent. 

We are always happy to liaise with the equipment manufacturer / vendor on your behalf, ensuring our work is carried out in line with their protocols and standards.

Moving a Gas Chromatograph / GC would typically involve a specially-trained and experienced engineer splitting down the instrument, before placing it in anti-static bubble and shrink wrap, with some sponge profiles placed around it. Once this is complete, the Gas Chromatograph would then be placed in a bespoke crate designed specifically to the manufacturer’s instructions, before being moved.

The Gas Chromatograph / GC is always placed in the side of the bespoke crate, as the weight of the instrument means this is much easier and safer than placing it in the crate from above. 

Aport’s global laboratory relocation service can help you, whatever country you are based in and wherever you need to move to. For more information and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us.