Do you have some advice on relocating chemicals?

Aport relocate large quantities of chemicals around the UK and worldwide as part of our laboratory relocation offering. If you are thinking of relocating chemicals then its worth considering the below:

  1. Are the chemical(s) high value and critical? We see many clients looking to move every chemical in their lab.  It is much more cost effective – depending on the chemical - to dispose and buy brand new at the destination.
  2. If your relocating gasses ensure you have notified your provider eg BOC etc.
  3. Ensure you have all MSDS / COSHH forms for each chemical you are looking to relocate. We will need this in digital format so ensure that it is scanned then sent via Google Drive / Dropbox / WeTransfer so we can get access to it. We no longer accept MSDS’s in paper form given the large volumes of paper.
  4. Aport will pack chemicals into IT crates with a layer of vermiculite.