• Specialist laboratory relocations

    Specialist laboratory relocations

    Trust aport for the only integrated solution for fully compliant laboratory relocations.

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  • Three global offices

    Three global offices

    aport has offices in Europe, North America and Singapore.


  • The name you can always rely on

    The name you can always rely on

    Our team of highly trained experts have the knowledge and experience to fully plan and manage laboratory relocations of any size or scale.

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  • GxP compliant

    GxP compliant

    aport is proud to be leading the way in GxP compliant laboratory relocations across the globe.

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  • Laboratory relocation without boundaries

    Laboratory relocation without boundaries

    Wherever you are in the world and wherever your relocation may take you, aport provides an integrated turnkey service throughout every continent.

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Relocation Services

Professional, integrated laboratory relocation services carried out to GxP standards.

Aport is a global specialist in laboratory relocation – whether that’s moving a single, priceless sample or co-ordinating the move of a multi-departmental lab complex.

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Project Management

Full project management of your lab relocation, giving you peace of mind from start to finish.

Allow Aport to provide world-class turnkey solutions for all aspects of laboratory relocation project management.

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Regulatory Adherence

Ensuring every element of your lab relocation meets stringent regulatory standards including GxP.

Robust and effective regulatory adherence is at the forefront of every laboratory relocation carried out by Aport.

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Global Capacity

Professional laboratory relocation without borders.

Aport is a laboratory relocation company working across international borders throughout the globe. We are the only laboratory relocations company that provides a truly integrated lab relocation service on a global scale.

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